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Hi. I’m Alan Jennings and I’m the Executive Director of the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley. Welcome to our blog: Poverty’s Edge – Lehigh Valley. I’m here with 170 of our best friends, and there are thousands more out there. Maybe you’re one of them: people who donate money to us, people who cheer us on, people who volunteer their time to serve on our Boards and Advisory Boards, to push our community to be better.

Today is our Annual Meeting, which is where we brag about some of the things we do and challenge our community to do better, but for the next several days, we will have video blogs like this one from each of our program directors, talking about humanizing our annual report. That annual report is just out now at www.caclv.org, and we hope that you’ll pay attention each day for the next ten days or so to video blogs that demonstrate the work that we do here in the Lehigh Valley. Stay with us.