The rogue’s gallery of misfits, lunatics and seditionists mindlessly overrunning our national capitol should make us all sick to our stomachs. We are watching the unraveling of the greatest democracy in human history. Donald Trump, the madman in the White House, is an authoritarian, but only on behalf of one authority: himself.

The fact is that more than 70 million of my fellow Americans haven’t bothered to pay enough attention to that madman and his corrupt, despicable, self-serving lunacy. Among those 70 million are plenty of people who I know, respect and love. But they are enablers. To those friends, allies and loved ones, I would say, this man does not care about you. He has never expressed a word of regret, remorse or sympathy for even one of the more than one hundred thousand of our fellow Americans who are gone forever due to his complete disregard for anyone or anything that doesn’t glorify him. He is incapable of human attachment, unless it is to exploit them for his own self-promotion.

The men in jackboots who embrace the same politics of Hitler’s Germany are armed because we have defended their possession of military style weapons as some kind of Constitutional right. And they are on the loose and being encouraged by the Madman. He should be arrested. Among the charges should be sedition. But they should also include voluntary manslaughter for his horrendous handling of the pandemic.

It is impossible to overlook the irony of how peaceful demonstrators calling for an end to racism and the brutality that accompanies it were handled by law enforcement and how this crowd of singularly white men is being handled.

If you are a patriotic American, it is time for you to face the chaos you have made possible, acknowledge the role you played, and do everything you possibly can to make it all right.

I once loved the United States of America. But this is not my country.