Here is yet another success story from the Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem (CADCB). Janet Sena enrolled in CADCB’s Start Your Business course in 2009, and today she is thriving as the owner of Pix-Ology, a local photography business out of Bethlehem.  During the course, Janet created a business plan and became comfortable in making informed decisions on how to structure her business and getting it off the ground.

After completing the Start Your Business class, Janet launched and registered her business, Pix-Ology, LLC. By maintaining a full-time job and devoting her nights and weekends to working on Pix-Ology, she has been able to self-fund her business. Janet has officially been in business for close to 18 months, is meeting or exceeding all of her sales goals, and continues to grow and expand her business. She has maintained contact and actively worked with CADCB since completing the class.

Pix-Ology, LLC offers on-location photography services including portraits, events, and weddings.  The market served includes children, families, and couples residing in the Lehigh Valley.   Janet has also expanded into the wedding market and will do both local and destination weddings.

Pix-Ology is different from other photographers in the area.  While she does offer studio sessions in a rented studio space on Broad Street in Bethlehem,  Janet will also come to the client making it convenient and less stressful, especially for those with young children.  She offers the opportunity to capture her subjects in their natural environment at home, in the park, or locations requested by the client.  By catching people in their own element, you can see their beauty and focus on the family relationship.  You aren’t trying to create a look in a stuffy studio. 

Another difference that Pix-Ology offers is that Janet releases all copy rights of the photos to her clients.  The client receives a disc with all of the pictures Janet takes allowing the client to make copies.  Traditionally, photographers make you pick and choose based on the package you purchased.  With Pix-Ology, your family photos are yours to keep. 

Janet is always creating new contests on her Facebook page and blog for customers to win free photo shoots and packages.  You can also find examples of some of her excellent work on these media and on her website. It’s definitely worth taking a look!

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