Poverty's Edge

The Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley's take on poverty, how it affects our communities, and what we're doing about it.

20 Nov

Trafficking in the Lehigh Valley

“Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal activity in the world and is the 2nd largest criminal activity with drug trafficking being number one. Human trafficking can be in the form of labor or commercial sexual exploitation.” Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST). Talking about prostitution often finds people sharing misconceptions – wrong ideas about what it means when a girl or woman is trapped in sexploitation. There is a notion that the sex industry can be acceptable. In...

11 Dec

Ervin and Ronald to Discuss Children’s Issues on LV Discourse Thursday

From wide-eyed children to a homeless child, this is the season for and about children.  The real test of our humanity is how we as a society treat the little innocents. On Lehigh Valley Discourse this Thursday, Jane Ervin, CEO of Community Services for Children, and Marci Ronald, Vice President for Community Impact at the United Way, will be joining me.  We will discuss how well the Lehigh Valley fares in its treatment of our children, not just during the holidays...

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