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The Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley's take on poverty, how it affects our communities, and what we're doing about it.

02 Oct

CACLV: Our Past, Present, and Future (Part One of Three)

Written by Jessica R. Dreistadt, Planner for Lehigh Valley Community Land Trust, Rising Tide Community Loan Fund, West Ward Neighborhood Partnership, and Renew Lehigh Valley. Our Past I was recently given the arduous task of piecing together CACLV’s early history, a time we unfortunately about which we don’t know very much. With the help of one box of records which had survived multiple moves and transitions, the Internet, and our friends at the Bethlehem Area Public...

11 Dec

Ervin and Ronald to Discuss Children’s Issues on LV Discourse Thursday

From wide-eyed children to a homeless child, this is the season for and about children.  The real test of our humanity is how we as a society treat the little innocents. On Lehigh Valley Discourse this Thursday, Jane Ervin, CEO of Community Services for Children, and Marci Ronald, Vice President for Community Impact at the United Way, will be joining me.  We will discuss how well the Lehigh Valley fares in its treatment of our children, not just during the holidays...

11 Oct

October 11th On WDIY’s Lehigh Valley Discourse: Discussing Children’s issues with Marci Ronald and Gregg Dowty.

If, indeed, children are our future, as so many like to say, what might that future look like, given the many challenges our children face: declining resources for education, for intervention when they are victimized by predators, for nutrition programs, limited ability of their parents to save money for their educations or to leave something behind for them, neighborhoods that are unsafe and so much more.  With an election just a few weeks away, the public policy debate...

29 Mar

Response to WFMZ – A Look Back at the Allentown Gas Explosion

Last night on WFMZ’s show “Business Matters,” Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Susan Gilmore of the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley, Edward Morrison of the Old Allentown Preservation Association, and Neighborhood Activist Diane Krauss joined host Tony Iannelli for a reflection on the tragic Allentown gas explosion.  Topics of conversation – as described by WFMZ’s Business Matters Blog – included “the state of our...

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