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CONTACT:    Alan L. Jennings


Coalition Sees Irony in Increased Corrections Budget Coinciding With More Cuts in Programs That Develop Pennsylvania’s Human Resources

A coalition of groups that serve residents of the Lehigh Valley will hold a briefing on Tuesday, January 17, at 11 AM, to stress their objections to Governor Tom Corbett’s budget “freeze.”  The event will take place near the front entrance of the Lehigh County Prison on Fourth Street in Allentown.

Speakers at the briefing will include representatives of a wide range of Pennsylvanians affected by the budget freeze.  They include Ross Marcus, Director of Human Services, Northampton County; Iraida Rosa, a participant in the New Choices/New Options program at Northampton Community College; Suzanne Beck, Executive Director, Crime Victims Council of the Lehigh Valley; and John Reynolds, Chair, Lehigh Valley Children’s Coalition.