Community Action Better Homes

Community Action has restructured its disparate housing programming into a single unit we are calling “Community Action Better Homes.” With the exception of the Sixth Street Shelter and its two long-term transitional housing programs, all of Community Action’s housing-related activities have been folded into the new unit. They include Community Action Financial Services (homeownership counseling and foreclosure mitigation), weatherization, the LV Community Land Trust, all of the agency’s façade improvement programs and our housing rehabilitation programs.

This consolidated unit is led by Chuck Weiss, who, in previous positions, oversaw the construction of more than 2,000 homes.

With the exception of our weatherization work, which serves several counties to the north of Lehigh and Northampton, this unit’s work will be limited to Lehigh and Northampton counties. While the agency expects to continue to expand its housing effort, the current menu of services includes the acquisition, rehabilitation and resale of homes, the rehab of owner-occupied homes, improvement of facades on owner-occupied homes and multi-unit buildings and store-fronts. The agency recently added lead abatement and roof repairs.

Community Action’s housing unit is currently involved in more than 50 properties. The outcome will be better housing options for lower-income families, more stability of the families and their neighborhoods, increase property values, less distractions or disruptions of the children’s educations and improved health of the occupants of the properties we rehab. It will also enable lower-income families to build assets that become wealth, in the process, hopefully reducing the wealth disparities that haunts this country.

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