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We might not be able to eliminate poverty. But we can curb it. We can feed people who are hungry.  We can shelter them when they’re homeless.  We can get them heating assistance or weatherize their homes when they’re cold.  We can help people gain assets by buying a home or starting a business. We can organize them to take their neighborhoods back.


Food & Nutrition

Second Harvest Food Bank provides food through a network of more than 200 non-profit member agencies. SHFB administers a number of programs to further our mission of aiding those individuals at-risk for hunger.


Affordable, quality housing is the foundation of a healthy and thriving community.  Through Community Action’s programs and subsidiaries we improve the quality of the housing stocks and encourage homeownership.


The SHE program works to create an educational and inspirational environment in which girls build self-esteem, are empowered to change the dynamics in their personal relationships and the greater community, and seize control of their futures, ensuring healthy, fulfilling, and self-sufficient lives.

Generation Next is a strategy designed to help level the field and ensure that underserved students have increased access to opportunities to further their educations.

Neighborhood Revitalization

We believe that thriving neighborhoods must include parks and physical assets that bring residents and visitors together, as well as clean, safe, and attractive commercial districts.

Business Start-Up & Development

From the start, Community Action has focused on supporting entrepreneurs in the process of establishing or growing their own small businesses. Entrepreneurs receive comprehensive training from experts in the local business community on topics such as marketing, financial statements, borrowing and saving, and much more.


Community Action has an impressive history of working for fairness for all in our communities. Where there is injustice, where there is despair, where there is alienation and where there is lack of opportunity, Community Action will stand up, grab the hands of those who have been relegated to their knees and raise our voice in harmony with those too many would leave behind. We will do it well, we will do it efficiently and we will do it without apology to those who stood in the way.

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